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Whether a solo practitioner, boutique law firm, or larger firm looking for additional firepower in your next big case…

The high stakes of litigation for a client begins the very moment they are injured and for a family, the instant their loved one loses his or her life. Protection, advocacy, and results matter. At Bamberg Legal, we understand the importance of trial lawyers standing up for and with these persons and families when they need it most.

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  • Attorneys refer to Bamberg Legal cases that do not fit those particular attorneys’ legal practices. Attorneys in large corporate law firms send plaintiffs’ personal injury cases that their firms do not handle. Attorneys located in other states refer their clients to us when they suffer catastrophic injury or wrongful death in South Carolina. Additionally, attorneys who are merely looking to add firepower to their legal team associate Bamberg Legal as lead or co-counsel.

  • Attorneys who are preeminent in bankruptcyfamilyreal estatesecuritiestaxprobate or corporate law readily acknowledge when they need to refer a client to an attorney who specializes in personal injury matters. We too refer matters outside the scope of our practice to experts in those specific specialties and reciprocate referrals wherever plausible.

  • South Carolina Rule of Professional Conduct 1.5(e) recognizes that clients are best served when attorneys can bring in other attorneys with needed areas of experience, such as personal injury, trial or litigation know-how, and still share in the responsibility and the fees. Fully complying with this rule, we generously share fees with referring attorneys.

  • We work closely with referring attorneys, who may have as much or as little involvement as they wish. Often, when an attorney who practices in another state or another area of law associates another attorney who is experienced in trial work, litigation, or a specific area of personal injury law, that attorney may actually net a greater fee than if they had attempted to do all the work themselves. As the old adage goes: “the pigs get fed, and the hogs get slaughtered.”

  • Professional reputation, work ethic, skill, experience, and heart are key to your comfort level in entrusting your client to another attorney. When considering what hands to place your client’s life and your potential fee in, remember …