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Politics redefined

Law is fundamental to effective public policy. We firmly believe that the practice of law shapes policy. At Bamberg Legal, we approach client representation with a dual mission: right a wrong done to a client and shape public policy to better a system, prevent future tragedy, and in the unfortunately tragic instances of death, ensure an individual is remembered in death by those in power acknowledging some policy must change. While nothing can undo what has happened to you or a loved one, we understand that for most people, pursuing a claim is not simply about money…it’s about complete justice.

We have successfully helped shape public policy across the United States through our feverish representation of clients, unique approach to representation, active community engagement, frequent public speaking engagements, and refusal to bow to the oft-entrenched political prowess that silences so many voices across the country.

Cases handled by our attorneys have contributed to the implementation of body worn camera policies for police departments (such as South Carolina becoming the first state in America with statewide body camera legislation), law enforcement ticket quota bans, policy changes on rules of de-escalation, whistleblowing, and law enforcement use-of-force. We have also raised awareness of “Move Over Laws” for emergency responders and other disabled vehicles along highways, driving while under the influence, the sale of alcohol to minors, and other public safety initiatives aimed at protecting the general public and those merely performing their job duties and responsibilities.