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Public relations redefined

Our pursuit of justice for clients has often received extensive state, regional, national and international coverage. Sometimes terrible things happen that spark media interest. The media should never be utilized solely for attention or to cause public uproar. Instead, we take advantage of all available channels to correct false narratives established by parties on the other side, draw attention to key policy issues to minimize the chance of repeat incidents occurring in the future, and fight to achieve the maximum compensation possible on behalf of our clients.

We have spent years and countless hours building long-standing relationships with various local and national media outlets, correspondents, journalists and reporters. Whether it be addressing media inquiries on behalf of our clients, organizing press conferences, or going on the offensive in response to the unjustified public ridiculing of a client by a person, company, or government entity who has caused injury or death, we understand that there’s more to Public Relations than smiling for a camera. Click the categories here to access video and print media.

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